Club Officers

Mr G Annetts
Mr P Fredericks
Mr B Pike             

President                           : J Hurle

Vice-President                      : TBA

Management Committee

Chair                               : TBA
Secretary                           : G Annetts

Treasurer                           : F Botting
Assistant Secretary                 : V Botting
Membership Secretary                : M Watts
Match Secretary                     : M Hall
Lady's Match Secretary              : V Botting

Elected Members                     : R Rose
                                    : C Hardiman
                                    : R Hillier
                                    : D Wort

                                    : R Fredericks
Reviewers                           : D Todd

                                    : G Robins

Ladies' Bowls Committee

Captain                             : R Mussell
Vice-Captain                        : D Wort
Past Captain                        : R Rose
Secretary                           : V Botting
Secretary (County Business)         : M Annetts

Treasurer                           : V Mussell
Elected Member                      : M Annetts
                                    : R Rose
                                    : S Gunstone

                                    : S Hall
                                    : D Kerley

Men's Bowls Committee

Captain                             : F Botting
Vice Captain (S&D)                  : D Russell
Vice Captain (Wilts)                : J Reynolds
Secretary                           : G Annetts
Selectors                           : R Fredericks
                                    : B Merritt
Competitions                        : S Mason


Executive Member to Bowls Wiltshire : G Annetts
Executive Member to S&D BA          : S Mason
Mixed Triples League                : M Bordass
                                    : L van Zyl 

updated 24/11/2017




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