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14 January 2018

Salisbury & District John Ash Trophy

This Salisbury & District BA competition (three mixed rinks) is held indoors at Five Rivers IBC.

Our first round match against Wilton BC was held on Sunday 14th January and resulted in a very pleasing win for Salisbury by 63-47.

All three rinks won. It reversed the result in 2017, when Wilton knocked us out in the first round.

We were slow to get going, but dominated the middle third of the match to set up the win.

Thanks to the small group of members who came to support the team.

The second round (effectively the semi-final) will be v Amesbury on the evening of Sunday 25th February.

John Hurle


Match Reports 2017

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18 September 2017

Di Kerley Rose Pattenden S&D Ladies Pairs Winners 2017

Ladies Salisbury and District Finals

The finals of the Ladies Triples and Pairs were held at Downton. Salisbury ladies gave sterling performances in both the events.

In the triples knock-out cup against Amesbury, Jenny McShane, Anne Selby and Ronnie Mussell won on their rink but Di Wren, Rosy Rose and Val Botting lost giving the game to Amesbury.

In the pairs, Di Kerley and Rose Pattenden had a brilliant game, all even going into the last end, Wilton were holding two shots before Rose put the jack on the edge of the ditch, with her bowl in the ditch to hold two. Wilton went wide with their last bowl so our girls won by two! It was a really exciting finish to an excellent game.


9 September 2017

Men’s County Unbadged Singles - Final

The final held at Devizes Bowling Club between Fraser Boynton (Salisbury) and Ashley Plumb (Amesbury).

In a game which could have gone either way Fraser was unlucky losing 18-21.

Congratulations to both players in reaching the final.


5 September 2017

Salisbury v Worthing Pavilion BC

Worthing Pavilion BC are on tour in our area. Today we entertained them in a six rink fixture.

The match was played in dull weather, intermittently raining quite hard, and eventually the match was curtailed to eighteen ends. Salisbury lost by 84-109, while winning two, drawing one and losing three rinks.

Despite the weather, it was a congenial afternoon of very friendly bowls.

They end their four day tour with visits to Alderbury and Wilton.

John Hurle

2/3 September 2017

Salisbury Bowling Club Finals

The Club's Finals were well contested in a programme of matches which extended over Saturday 2nd September (warm and sunny) and Sunday morning 3rd September (continuous rain). The matches were well supported by members and prospective members and very well organised by Stuart Mason, who managed the club's competitions again.

Thanks also go to markers, greenkeepers, cake and sandwich makers, barmen and all the volunteers who make our club such a pleasure.

Margaret Annetts and Jamie Reynolds won the Ladies' and Men's Championships. Jamie and Roger Phillips (in the Veterans Singles) came from lying match down to recover and win their finals with decisive late woods.

Ken Bryan and Fraser Boynton, both new to our club this season, reached the final of the Men's Handicap singles. Fraser took it after a good start by Ken.

Di Wren and Doreen Hillier contested the Ladies' Special Singles. It's always a pleasure to see a new name engraved on our trophies and on this occasion Doreen Hillier came out on top.

Another new name to be engraved was Paul Mortimer, who won the Men's Special singles.

The mixed pairs was a long match, played in increasingly heavy rain. Ann Selby and Eddie McConnell were eventually reined in by Sandie Hall and Danny Russell after an impressive start.

The men's pairs final was close, but Stuart Mason and Roger Phillips came out on top. The evergreen Nancy Oliver triumphed in the Ladies' Handicap singles and Di Wort won the Ladies' 2-wood in a close finish.

Dave Bale, who has marked a colossal number of ties in recent seasons, took charge of one of the finals by way of reward for his great contribution again.

An injury to Cherith Deane has caused the postponement of the Ladies Pairs Final to Friday 15th Sept at 11am. Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Cherith.

We approach the end of another outdoor season with our Club in good heart and eager to do it all again in 2018.

John Hurle, President

2 September 2017

Men’s County Unbadged Singles

At Chippenham Town, Fraser Boynton (Salisbury) played in the last eight of the Men’s County Unbadged Singles (quarter and semi finals).

In the quarter final Fraser played P Beazer (Corsham) winning with a comfortable 21-5.

In the afternoon and in the semi final he faced D Johns (Calne) and again on top form and keeping a cool head Fraser won 21-16 putting himself into the final.

Whilst this was occurring Ashley Plumb (Amesbury) and keeping the South of the County in the picture won his quarter final against J Stout (Wroughton) 21-17, followed by a semi-final win against C Morphet (Royal Wootton Bassett) with a close 21-20.

The final will be played between the two Southern County representatives, Salisburys Fraser Boynton and Ashley Plumb (Amesbury) at Devizes 9/10 September.


2 September 2017

Mens County Champion of Champions

At Chippenham Town, Salisburys Danny Russell played Haydon Wicks, Brian Lobley, in the semi-final of this competition.

A close match throughout, going into the final end with a 20-20 score. Brian placed a wood just in front of the jack, Danny responded with his last wood rolling Brians wood sideways but still remaining shot. Brian plays R Francis (Spencer Moulton) in the final at Devizes 9/10 September.


30 August 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Wilton)

Salisbury went into this last league game of the season playing away at Wilton. There had been rain during the day but it dried for the evening however the green still played on the heavy and straight side.

Salisbury was welcomed by the Wilton Captain, Brian McGowan. Wilton won the toss and kicked off the game, starting early to avoid the late August failing light.

Two of our triples were successful with Merv Ford, Graham Annetts and Fraser Boynton (S) taking and keeping a lead and winning 20-11. Likewise Barry Folland, John Heenan and Danny Russell (S) kept their early lead winning 18-12.

This being the last game and a decider for Salisbury who needed eight league points to win the league it was now down to the remaining triples. Overall shots win or draw would give us the points needed. At sixteen ends Salisbury were three shots up overall going into the last two decisive ends.

On rink two Roger Phillips, Brian Merritt and Bob Fredericks (S) didn’t increase their score losing 9-26, despite a valiant attempt by Bob to catch a number of shots with a weighted wood on the last end.

On rink one supported by our members who came to watch Paul Mortimer, John Hurle and Jamie Reynolds (S) coming back from a 7-21 deficit claimed a four on the seventieth and lost a three on the last again with an effort to claim a bigger number of shots.

The final result being Salisbury 62-72 Wilton (points 4-10).

I would like to thank all the players who played in, and came to support us in this league over the season. It was this combined effort which put us where we were in this final game.

To put it all into perspective, the league winners Pewsey Blue won twelve games and Salisbury won thirteen. But its points that count with Pewsey 164 and Salisbury 161. Congratulations to Pewsey.

Don’t hang your boots up too early as although the leagues have finished, most clubs have their own club finals and competitions to play. I wish good luck to all those with games to play.


27 August 2017

Bowls Wiltshire Mixed Double Rink (semi final)

This semi final was played against two rinks from Avon (Avon A).

The home team, Di Kerley, Rose Pattenden, Bob Fredericks and Danny Russell played a rink skipped by John Crowder. The Salisbury rink slipped at the start (2-7 at five ends) and never regained the lead. They went into the last end 16-18 down finally loosing 16-19.

The away rink Jenny McShane, Ann Selby, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds playing a rink skipped by Tom Newman also had a slow start and at fourteen ends were 8-14 down. They never managed to regain control finally loosing 8-22. Overall score Salisbury 24-41 Avon.

Avon go forward to play Supermarine in the final on 9 September.


27 August 2017

S&DLL Winners

I am proud to report that the Salisbury BC Ladies team has retained the S&DLL title. We won our last match and other results went our way to leave us top.

Many congratulations to all who took part in another successful league campaign.

John Hurle, President SBC

26 August 2017

Salisbury and District Triples Final

This afternoon saw three of our players, Paul Mortimer, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds in the final of the Salisbury and District Triples at Amesbury against a strong and experienced triple of Mike Mundy, Richard Pearce and Vince Kimber.

The hot summer's day made it the perfect setting for this. the game started very nip and tuck with almost every bowl changing the head. At ten ends the Salisbury three trailed Pewesy 11-9. What followed was a great run of form for Salisbury as the trio scored nine shots in three ends going 18-11 up. The closeness of the contest was apparent when the Pewsey three went up a gear and won the next four ends meaning the final was going into the last end at 18-18.

Paul who had battled all day with Mike Mundy got a very good second and third bowl in leaving us one down with a bowl almost touching the jack. A decision was made by myself and Fraser to attack the head which Fraser did superbly as he had done so often during the game and struck the jack into the ditch. Unfortunately his bowl didn't follow and we found ourselves one down with the shot wood a few feet from the ditch and a wall of bowls in the way which Fraser was stopped on with his remaining woods. Vince the Pewsey skip tried drawing in and lost his bowls in the ditch and I tried drawing in as well getting killed off with both my first woods on the sea of obstacles. Vinces third and final bowl went in the ditch also which then left me with the last wood. we decided as a team for me to attack the bowls either removing the shot wood or punching through our bowls that were a yard or two shy. I played it with the right power on a hand which played beautifully all afternoon and got the intended result punching through Fraser's bowls to sit just in front of Pewseys bowl and winning the district triples title 19-18.

Well done to Paul and Fraser for playing so well throughout the tournament and in an intense final. I didn't play too bad myself if that's not too boastful.

Thank you to Harry Brockway for coming along to support as well as John Hurle and the lovely Beth for cheering us on into victory.

I hope now the ladies can go out in their final and emulate our win. Good luck to all involved


23 August 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Amesbury)

Tonight saw Salisbury take on Amesbury at home in our penultimate league match. Salisbury was looking to gain 20 points from their last two games to secure the league title. Everyone was up for this important match.

On rink one, Stuart Mason, Brian Merritt and Bob Fredricks got off to a good start picking up two shots on the first end and kept the lead for the rest of the game. Surprisingly not only completing 18 ends, Bobs team even scored on the 17th and 18th winning the game comfortably 26-8.

Rink three saw Paul Mortimer, John Hurle and Jamie Reynolds in action in a high scoring game. Both sides winning nine ends each, with the Salisbury trio taking advantage of each opportunity to score multiple shots while their opponents struggled to score more than two. Final score 30-18 Salisbury

On rink four we saw probably the most intense game of the night with Harry Brockway, Barry Folland and John Heenan in action. In the early stages of the game John and his trio seemed to be playing the right shots and very well, however the luck wasn't going their way and at eight ends they found themselves 12-3 down. What followed was a gritty and impressive fight back getting into reaching distance before being 17-9 down at the 14th end. Scoring a 3, 2 then a 4 in quick succession they edged ahead to enter the last end 18-17 up. What happened next perhaps summed up the trios evening, holding one and a measure with the skip playing his last bowl I thought the win was in the bag, until the bowl caught a fortunate glide from a bowl out on the wing and entered the head pushing forward another bowl for Amesbury to gain not one but two shots winning the rink 19-18. Unlucky to the three, instances like that cannot be helped or planned against in sport.

On the final game of the night, Merv Ford, Anthony Rule and Brian Pike played on my favourite rink (rink five). In this match we also saw a very impressive come back from our Salisbury trio. At the 12th end they were 13-9 down, with some great play from all three players and digging deep to drive forward they halted Amesbury at every turn only letting them score on one more end. Winning the rink in style with a 23-14 victory.

I want to thank Jeremy Ludford for providing the food for the supper after the game and to Graham Annetts for running the bar.

A massive well done to the players on not just this evening, but the games all season leading up to this. After our many wins and challenges we now find ourselves going into the final game at Wilton on Wednesday the 30th looking to secure just eight points out of the possible fourteen to win the league for the third season in a row. A task that could prove difficult on an away night at Wilton. If everyone sticks in and drives forward like they have done all season then I am confident we will get the result needed.

We welcome any and all spectators to come along and cheer us on as we do battle at Wilton for the league title.


20 August 2017

S&D Ladies Triples competition v Alderbury

Playing at home were Ronnie, Anne and Jenny winning 22 14 and playing away Di Wort, Rosie & Val who also won 18 12

Congratulations team.

They are now through to the final on 17 September at Downton.

Di Wort

19 August 2017

Salisbury BC v Gillingham BC, Friendly

This four-triples friendly was played in tremendously good spirits. It resulted in a win for Gillingham by 71-65 shots, although the four triples were shared 2-2. Ann Martin, Pat Dibben and John Heenan (s) and Doreen Hillier, Malcolm Broad and Geoff Bull (s) were our two winning triples.

I understand this fixture was, years ago, a six-rink fixture, home-and-away each season. Both clubs now seem to be eager to extend the format as playing numbers grow again. It will be for the fixture secretaries to arrange, but there was good support for maxing it six triples next time.

And a great tea produced by members of the Salisbury team. Many thanks to all.

John Hurle

14 August 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Andover Eagles)

Andover visited Salisbury for the last time this season. Points for this match were all important as Andover Lions had last week beaten the league leaders Pewsey Red (points 9-5) giving Salisbury an opening to catch up.

Salisbury didn’t disappoint with Danny Russells trio (Colin Hardiman & Anthony Rule) winning 37-5, Jamie Reynolds trio (Paul Mortimer & John Hurle) winning 22-15 and John Heenans men (John Collins  & Barry Folland) winning 25-10.

Fraser Boynton and his trio (Stuart Mason & Roger Phillips) took them from 2-8 down to a ten shot win 19-9.

Subsequently this gives Salisbury fourteen points going forward to play Amesbury before the final match at Wilton.


14 August 2017

National Finals 2017 Victoria Park, Royal Leamington Spa


FIRST ROUND - Monday 14th August 9.30am

Salisbury Women Di Kerley, Sandra Hall and Margaret Annetts (skip) beat Biggleswade Town, Bedfordshire (J Ralph) 20-14.

SECOND ROUND - Monday 14th August - 2pm

Salisbury Women played Bishop Duppas, Middlesex (J Fleetwood) but lost 22-5.

A brilliant achievement by the team and a great success for Salisbury - Congratulations.


12 August 2017

Shaftesbury BC v Salisbury BC

Our five-triples friendly match at Shaftesbury's delightful green was a success for Salisbury. We won 85-52.

Cherith Deane, Harold Wilmot abd John Hurle (s) won 23-9.
Pamela White, Malcolm Broad and Nancy Oliver (s) won 14-7.
Heather Rogers, Rose Pattenden and Colin Hardiman (s) won 13-9.
Paul Mortimer, Lorna van Zyl and Anthony Rule (s) lost 10-19
Ann Martin, Ken Bryan and John Heenan (s) won 25-8.

Thanks to our members who made the trip such a success.

John Hurle

10 August 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Pewsey Blue)

Pewsey Blue visited Salisbury in the last meeting between Salisbury and Pewsey this season. 

The match was played across the clubhouse on a green which over the last few days has received an inordinate amount of rain water making it a bit on the pushy side.

Despite this Bob Fredericks trio, at eighteen ends won 25-18, Danny Russells trio won 20-10. Jamie Reynolds trio were drawing 9-9 at eleven ends and went ahead 13-9 but eventually succumbed to the Pewsey Captain Pete Bond losing 15-20. Brian Merritts trio make an enormous late effort taking 12 shots in the last four ends giving them a win 24-16.

Final tally Salisbury 84-64 Pewsey Blue, points 12-2. This again puts Salisbury in a good position in the league but still with three matches remaining.

Salisbury also welcomed Ken Bryan to the hall of fame being his first appearance in a league match for Salisbury.

Salisbury still has to face Andover, Amesbury and Wilton in this league. Watch this space.


7 August 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Downton)

This saw Salisbury travel to Downton in the Salisbury and district league.

With the rain coming down throughout the game, combined with the away green, there was a very real chance of us slipping up in a must-win game.

Our first triple, made up of Stuart Mason, Brian Merritt and Bob Fredericks, picked up a two on the first end and were in the lead for the rest of the game. Outdrawing their opponents with relative ease, the Salisbury trio were in form and stormed to a massive victory of 36 shots to 5.

The second triple of Paul Mortimer, John Heenan and Fraser Boynton were in a tight battle against a very on-form Alan waters at skip. At ten ends the score was 9-5 to Downton. Our Salisbury trio were playing some fantastic bowls as they battled through, pulling it closer to 13-11 down, but it just didn't seem to be their night as skip Fraser played shot after shot that looked perfect but the result wouldn't go his way. A frustrating game for the three ended with them losing 18-12.

On the third and final triple of the night Frank Botting, John Hurle and Jamie Reynolds took on Mike Stocks trio. The game was very tight in the beginning with the leads and twos having fantastic battles and packing some very good heads really tight. As the game was so tight on every end the Salisbury triple opted to employ more aggressive tactics, Jamie striking the targets on an end to end basis either removing Downton's singular bowl in the head or undoing their work completely. A tactic that worked as the team ran away to a 22-11 win.

Overall scores of the night saw Salisbury win 10 points to 2 and shots win of 70-34


Footnote: Congratulations on Jamie’s inaugural outing as Captain.

6 August 2017

Bowls Wiltshire Mixed Double Rink

This quarter final was played against Wanborough. The home team, Di Kerley, Margaret Annetts, Bob Fredericks and Danny Russell played a very close game, after six ends it was 8-8, after fifteen ends 18-18. The away rink Jenny McShane, Ann Selby, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds also kept it very tight but started behind, at five ends 1-6 down. They fought back and at fifteen ends were 13-13 and at twenty ends 18-18.

Because of the closeness of the scores an extra end was played at Wanborough but was not needed.The home rink won 23-21 and the away rink won 21-18 giving the match to Salisbury 44-39.

Salisbury now go on to play Avon "A" in the semi final.


5 August 2017

Club: Ladies v Gents 

Today saw the Ladies play against the Gents. The day organised and presided over by our President John Hurle. John was supported by a myriad of helpers who helped with the event, preparing the green, the food and refreshments, the raffle and the bar. 

The game itself consisted of twenty Ladies v twenty men in the format of two rink games and three triples. By pure coincidence the final result was a draw. (breaking with tradition the President let it slip that there was a slight miscalculation giving the Ladies a 100 - 89 win)


3 August 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League

Since the last Wiltshire 4 rinks report we have played two matches. Last Friday we were away at Amesbury where we came unstuck, losing 12 to 2 points on a very wet and heavy green. The outcome of the match left the contest for fourth place in the league very tight. Amesbury and Winsley on 117 points ourselves on 113 and Avon on 110, all with one match left to play and all with a chance to make the playoffs. 

Last night we were away to Winsley, we expected a hard match made no easier with somewhat inclement weather. Standing on their green in the gloom and rain It was hard to believe it was high summer! The green played much better than we expected and we won the match 82 shots to 72. Winning three rinks giving us a 12 to 2 shot points victory.

This result means that we are now in fourth place in the league, however Amesbury's match against Warminster was postponed and although we are now 8 points ahead of them, if they gain maximum points when their match is rearranged it will push us back to fifth and out of the playoff slot. 


31 July 2017

S&D Ladies League

Played at Amesbury on a lovely sunny evening. We won on one rink and lost on two but thanks to our winning rink scoring well we won overall. 6 points.

Di Wort

31 July 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Alderbury)

Salisbury visited Alderbury in their last league visit this year. It was a warm evening played on a slowish green. In the most part and judging by the result was played to the advantage of most of the Salisbury players.

Bob Fredericks rink took a very strong lead finishing 31-10 against Richard Moore in a full eighteen end game. Fraser Boyntons rink playing Alan Lake won by ten shots (22-12). Jamie Reynolds rink also beating Andy Moore by ten shots 23-13 which was augmented by an eight shot score on the fifteenth end (its a mystery as to where the ninth wood ended up). Danny Russells rink playing against John Webb went into the last end one shot down and never managed to get that elusive shot and lost 17-20.

Final tally Salisbury 71-55 Alderbury, points 12-2. This puts Salisbury in a stong position in the league but still with five matches left to play.


29 July 2017

Salisbury Open Singles Tournement

In the singles tournament we saw some fantastic bowling from everyone, and some very tight battles. After a tough fight in the group stage, the eight players to qualify for the quarter finals were:

Tom Warner (Amesbury)
Fraser Boynton (Salisbury)
Tom Newman (Avon)
Wayne Simmonds (Holt)
Joe Wahnon (Weymouth)
Ashley Plumb (Amesbury)
Jamie Reynolds (Salisbury)
Craig Hatherall (Weslecot)

After intense games in the rain the four remaining semi-finalists were Wayne, both the Toms, and Jamie. By this point the end was in sight and the games reflected that, with two close fought matches ending with the two Toms in the final.

Tom Newman, who had been unbeaten throughout the event, continued his form and won against Tom Warner in a very tight and fantastically played final.

The outcome is that the first name on the Salisbury Open Cup since 1993 will be Tom Newman (Avon).

Jamie Reynolds

(see "Club News" for full report or click here) 

27 July 2017

S&D Ladies League

Salisbury played away at Wilton.  One triple won convincingly, one lost by only one shot and the third lost but we had the shots overall and came away with 4 points.

Di Wort

24 July 2017

Mens County Champion of Champions

Tonight Salisburys Danny Russell played Swindons John Slip at Swindon in the quarter-final of this competition.

Danny took the lead and got to 19-8 before a fighting reply from John got him to 19-15. Danny finally winning 21-15.

Danny now goes on the semi-finals being held at Chippenham Town on Saturday 2 September where he will play either  B Lobley (Haydon Wick) or  I Bristow (North Wilts).


22 July 2017

Club Mixed Two Wood Pairs Competition 

Sorry to report that our green is unplayable after prolonged heavy rain.

Further rain is forecast for Saturday noon and thereafter. Also the roof of the changing rooms, which is being replaced, has let in serious amounts of rainwater.

So we have decided to postpone the event. We hope to find another date in the calendar when we might re-schedule.

John Hurle

20 July 2017

Ladies Friendly v Blandford

Nine Ladies had a very enjoyable friendly against Blandford Ladies with a lovely lunch after with Salisbury winning on all three rinks.

Di Wort

18 July 2017

S&D Ladies League

Salisbury visited Pewsey where they were successful on all three rinks - 10 points.

Di Wort

17 July 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Andover Eagles)

Salisbury visited Andover to play Andover Eagles. They took with them their youngest ever player to be selected for a league match. Toby Fiddy in his inaugural match lead Merv Ford and Jamie Reynolds to a 20-12 win on their rink.

All the other rinks were also successful with close finishes, Graham Annetts (17-12), Danny Russell (16-14) and last but not least Bob Fredericks (18-14). Bob was also certified (in writing) by his rink Frank Botting and John Heenan to the fact that he had completed his requisite number of ends.

Final tally Salisbury 71-52 Andover Eagles, points 14-0.

The return match will be played at Salisbury on 14 August 2017.


16 July 2017

Salisbury and District Singles

Fraser Boynton (Salisbury) plays Mike Mundy (Pewsey) at Pewsey, all even at eleven ends, nine shots each, Fraser then starts consolidating a lead to win with a final score 23-15.

Fraser progresses to play either Vince Kimber (Pewsey) or Mike Crane (Wilton) in the quarter final.


16 July 2017

Mens National 2 Woods

The quarter and semi-finals of this competition were played at Devizes.

In the quarter final Jordan Moody (Salisbury) beat A Wickham (Chippenham Town) 14-13. 

Jordan went on to play in the semi-final against K Anderson (Royal Wootton Bassett) but narrowly lost 12-14.


15 July 2017

Salisbury and District Triples

The second game in a day for the Salisbury three when following the Chippenham match Paul Mortimer, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds travel away to Downton.

Here they took on G Warr, Neil Gillespie and Alan Waters.In a nip and tuck game, at the half way point it was 10-9 to Salisbury. Downton went into a 15-10 lead before being reined back in with a win for Salisbury 21-18.

The Salisbury trio now go forward to the final being played at Wilton against Mike Mundy, Richard Pearce and Vince Kimber (Pewsey).


15 July 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League Match v Chippenham Town

In this rearranged fixture Chippenham Town visits Salisbury for the first time in the new format. It was successful for Chippenham who won on three rinks.

Brian Pike’s rink kept Salisbury two points with a substantial win. 

Points Salisbury 2-12 Chippenham Town.


13 July 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury v Pewsey Red)

Played at Pewsey, featuring a rearranged team formation for Salisbury. This wasn't completely successful despite sterling efforts by all of the Salisbury players.

Points Salisbury 0-14 Pewsey Red


13 July 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League Match v Trowbridge Westbourne

Last night we were hosted by Trowbridge Westbourne for a Wiltshire 4 rinks match. It was a glorious evening, the weather was kind to us and the green very forgiving.

The result was in our favour, 93 shots to 61, giving us a 12 to 2 point victory, we remain firmly in the hunt for a play-off league position.

For much of the match it appeared that we would win the match but share the spoils of winning rinks. However Danny Russell's rink found their turbo charge and ended up the highest scoring rink and Brian Pike's rinks came back from the brink to finish only four shorts from a win.


11 July 2017

Tourist Trophy

The third round of the Tourist Trophy was played tonight between Salisbury and Chippenham Town.

To describe the conditions, wet, wet and even more wet. It rained continually but we still managed to complete twenty one ends. Unfortunately not with enough cumulative shots to win the round. At home, Jordan Moody, Stuart Mason, Bob Fredericks and Danny Russell went into the last end 16 all but dropped one shot. The away team Barry Folland, Frank Botting, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds also lost.


10 July 2017

Mens National Singles

Danny Russell lost to Mike Titcombe (Westlecot) in the Quarter Finals played at Royal Wootton Bassett. Mike goes onto play Graham Shadwell (Spencer Moulton) in the Semi Finals on Sunday 16 July 2017 at Devizes.


9 July 2017

Bowls Wiltshire Mixed Double Rink

Played today between Salisbury and Westlecot (B). The home team, Di Kerley, Rose Pattenden, Bob Fredericks and Danny Russell won their rink 18-15 and away at Westlecot, Jenny McShane, Ann Selby, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds won 22-16. Total tally 40-31 to Salisbury.

The next round (round three (last eight)) will be played against Wanborough.


7 July 2017

Mens National Pairs – Last 16

Through to the last sixteen, Bob Fredericks travelled to Spencer Moulton and played G Fippen (Spencer Moulton).
Bob Fredericks 10-20 G Fippen.


Mens County Unbadged Singles

Congratulations Fraser

Fraser Boynton beats Mike Crane (Wilton) and secures a place in the last eight play off.

Fraser will play P Beazer (Corsham) at Chippenham Town on Sat 2nd September.


5 July 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League Match v Spencer Melksham

Our four rinks selection were in action again tonight at home to Spencer Melksham. This is our first meeting with Spencer Melksham since the newly distributed areas in 2017.

On a very hot July evening, three of the Salisbury rinks were successful in winning their respective games (Brian Pike 14-13, Danny Russell 26-10 and Jamie Reynolds 27-16).

All these points are helping our position in the league. The total tally tonight, Salisbury 79-58 Spencer Melksham. Points, Salisbury 12-2 Spencer Melksham.


4 June 2017

Herbie Turner Knock-out -v- Amesbury

This years format for this competition is four triples, two play at home and two away. All proceeds and fund-raising is donated to the British Heart Foundation.

On this occasion we again met Amesbury who we played in the 2016 competitions final.

Again a tightly fought contest when at fifteen ends the scores at home were 23-21 to Salisbury and away 19-24 to Amesbury. (Salisbury 42-45 Amesbury). In the last three ends it all changed resulting in the final result at eighteen ends, the home triples were 24-33 to Amesbury and away 33-29 to Salisbury. There were valiant efforts by Jamie Reynolds who killed two ends to try and gain more shots and Bob Fredericks for completing more than sixteen ends.

The final result Salisbury 57-62 Amesbury.


3 July 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Alderbury)

Tonight Alderbury attended Salisbury with four strong triples winning with three.

In response Fraser Boynton (skip), the only winning Salisbury triple won 31-5 keeping the overall score respectable.

Final tally Salisbury 70-75 Alderbury - Points 2-12.


3 July 2017

Mens National Singles

Danny Russell played Mel Biggs (Royal Wootton Bassett). The match remained level to the the halfway point when Biggs took a 10-18 lead.

From this point he only gained one more shot with Danny winning 21-19.

Danny (Salisbury) now goes forward to the Quarter Final to be played at Royal Wootton Bassett on Monday 10 July 2017 where he will play Mike Titcombe (Westlecot).


29 June 2017

Salisbury and District Triples League v Alderbury 

Salisbury Ladies had a successful evening all three rinks winning.


26 June 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Downton)

Tonight Downton attended Salisbury with three triples all of whom lost to the Salisbury response.

The winning triples won 36-4 (Jamie Reynolds (S)) 30-9 (Graham Annetts (S)) and 21-11 (Bob Fredericks (S) after a full 18 ends)

Final tally Salisbury 87 - 24 Downton - Points 12-0.


26 June 2017

Mens National Singles

Two Salisbury members played tonight in the third round of this competition.

Away at Amesbury, Jordan Moody lost to Graham House but at home, Danny Russell beat Mick Crook (Amesbury) 21-6.

Danny (Salisbury) and Graham (Amesbury) now go forward to Mens National Singles – Last 16 where Danny plays M Biggs (Royal Wootton Bassett) at Salisbury on Monday 3 July.


24 June 2017

Gillian Scott Trophy

Today we had thirty six players enter this competition. The match ended ending with a three end final, one shot on each end.

The winners Toby Fiddy, Di Kerley and Colin Hardiman. The milky bar kids (runners-up) Harold, Steph Waters and Eddie McConnel.

We raised £54.00 for the Salisbury Hospice, finishing with a cream tea.

(see "News" for pictures)


24 June 2017

Tourist Trophy

The second round of the Tourist Trophy was played today between Salisbury and Warminster.

The home Salisbury Rink, Barry Folland, John Heenan, Bob Fredericks and Danny Russell led from the beginning, increasing throughout to win 29-9.

The away rink Frank Botting, Brian Merritt, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds trailed by a few shots through to drawing level 15-15 at eighteen ends. They went on to win the next three ends to a total of 24-15.

The final score Salisbury 53 - 24 Warminster.

The next round will be played against either Corsham or Chippenham Town.


22 June 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Amesbury)

Extremely pleasant evening, on one of the longest days of the year. Plenty of light right to the conclusion which was a win for Salisbury.

The overall score was close as the match progressed but in the later half Salisbury gained control.

Winning rinks of Brian Merritt, Jamie Reynolds and Danny Russell saw Salisbury gain further points in this league.

Salisbury 69 - 58 Amesbury - Points 12-2.


20 June 2017

Mens County Unbadged Singles

Tonight's match at Salisbury on one of the hottest days of the year saw Fraser Boynton take an early lead in his singles match against Jordan Moody. Fraser on top form took a 21-4 win.

This takes Fraser forward to the third round to play either R Ellis (Chippenham Town) or Mike Crane (Wilton) at Salisbury.


19 June 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Andover(1))

An even brighter sunny June evening at Andover where Salisbury played Andover(1) in a return match from last Monday.

Salisbury won two rinks (Bob Fredericks and John Heenan), drew one (Graham Annetts) to gain further points in this league.

Salisbury 79 - 67 Andover(1) - Points 11-3.


19 June 2017

Mens National Singles

Three matches played tonight in the second round of this competition.

Away at Wilton, Danny Russell beat Mike Crane 21-15, meanwhile at Amesbury following tighter games Jordan Moody beat Tom Warner (Amesbury) 21-20 and at home Jamie Reynolds lost to Mick Crook (Amesbury) 19-21.

In the next round Danny will play Mick Crook (Amesbury) at Salisbury and Jordan will play Graham House (Amesbury) at Amesbury.


16 June 2017

Men’s National Pairs

Tonight three pairs entered this competition. Danny + Jamie, Graham + Bob Fred and Stuart + Brian P.

Danny and Jamie away at Downton to Dave Colgrave and Alan Water. Salisbury led throughout and dropped a three on the last end to lose 20-18.

The other two matches at Salisbury saw Stuart and Brian loose to Mick Crook (Amesbury) by another tight margin but Graham and Bob beat M Stone (Wilton).

Graham and Bob go on to play Alan Water (Downton) seeking revenge for tonight.


14 June 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League Match v Holt

The Wiltshire 4rinks team were in action again last night away to Holt.

After an exceptional start to the season, with a run of seven consecutive wins, we found ourselves up against a very strong side. We lost all four rinks and therefore the match, 92 shots to 59, 14-0 points defeat.

All is not gloom, Holt have soundly beaten most teams they have met this year achieving some cricket like score lines - we played well and kept the score line to sensible proportions. Of note was Jamie's rink who came very close to victory, leading for much of the game until the 18th end and going down by 17 to 19. Our other three rinks competed well but tended to fade near the end of the match.

We remain near the top of the league, 2nd or 3rd, with 6 matches remaining our aim must be the top half of the table and ideally the top four and achieve a playoff position.


12 June 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Andover(1))

Bright sunny June evening at Salisbury where Salisbury played Andover(1) before a return match at Andover on 19 June.

Two of the Salisbury rinks, skipped by John Heenan and Fraser Boynton were victorious and accumulated enough shots to give Salisbury an overall win.

Salisbury 69 - 59 Andover(1) - Points 10-4.


12 June 2017

Mens National Singles

Two results tonight from the first round of this competition.

At Salisbury, Danny Russell beat Alan Waters (Downton) 21-4 and at Amesbury, Jamie Reynolds beat Benny Hatton 21-7.

In the next round Danny will play Mike Crane (Wilton) at Wilton, Jamie will play Mick Crook (Amesbury) at Salisbury.

Jordan Moody who had a bye in this round plays Tom Warner (Amesbury) at Amesbury.


10 June 2017

Ladies National 2 Wood Singles

These matches were played at Avon and Spencer Melksham. Entries from Salisbury include Ann Selby, Ronnie Mussell, Jenny McShane and Val Botting.

Unfortunately we all lost our games but Jenny did fight her way to the second round before meeting defeat.


9 June 2017

Mens County Champion of Champions

Danny Russell v Alan Greenland (Chippenham Park) played at Salisbury on a fairly fast paced green.

At the half way point it was nip and tuck at 9-9. Danny pulled away, picked up that killer four and eventually won 21-12.

He now goes on to play P Pope (Swindon North End).


8 June 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Pewsey (Blue))

A turn in the weather, rain threatened throughout but never materialised resulting a pleasant evening match.

Salisbury’s rinks were successful, winning on all rinks with an overall score of 94-42 with points awarded 14-0.

The game was followed by an excellent meal and a Pewsey threat to change the score around on their return match in August.


8 June 2017

Ladies Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Alderbury)

A win for Salisbury ladies 8 points to 2 points.


7 June 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League Match v Avon

We hosted Avon in what turned out to be a very tight match. The lead ebbed and flowed between both teams.

There were some notable play - Brian Pike's rink struggled in the early stages standing at 1 - 19 down after 8 ends, but came back valiantly finishing 14 - 25, when combined with Jamie's and Bob Fred's winning rinks contributed enormously to the final out come.

We won two rinks and the overall match with a final shots score of 76 - 73, giving us a 10 to 4 point victory.

We remain top of the league but have what will be our hardest test away to Holt.


4 June 2017

Tourist Trophy

The Tourist Trophy was played today between Salisbury and Bradford-on-Avon.

The home Salisbury Rink, Barry Folland, John Heenan, Bob Fredericks and Danny Russell held a convincing lead to win 28-14.

The away rink Jordan Moody, Merv Ford, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds went behind on a heavy Bradford green, losing 14-4 at eight ends but fought back to 16-16 at eighteen ends and finally won 18-17.

The next round will be played against Warminster.


3 June 2017

Bowls Wiltshire Mixed Double Rink

This two rink competition played today between Salisbury and Rodbourne Cheney saw Salisburys mixed rinks successfully win on both rinks.

In this competition one rink plays home and one away. At Rodbourne Jenny McShane, Ann Selby, Danny Russell and Jamie Reynolds and at home Di Kerley, Nancy Oliver, Bob Fredericks and Brian Pike.

Both rinks had substantial wins taking them through to play Westlecot (B) in the next round.

<<Bowls Wiltshire Draw>>


2 June 2017

Ladies National Pairs

V Botting (sub Di Wort) and Anne Selby played Delia Godwin & Co (Spencer Melksham) and had a good match winning 25 to 18.

They are now through to the next round in on Monday (05/06/17) where they play J Collier (Box) at Salisbury.


31 May 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League Match v Pewsey Vale BC

Salisbury recovered from a poor start to win by an aggregate 15 shots at Pewsey.

After eight ends Salisbury had fallen behind on all four rinks while we got to grips with the conditions. Our rink of Barry Folland, Merv Ford, Graham Annetts and skip Danny Russell recovered decisively on longer jacks to win 31-10. Fraser Boynton's rink also eventually came out on top, giving us a league points win by 10-4.

This continues our good start in this season's league campaign, having won all six of our matches so far.

John Hurle

28 May 2017

National Mixed Fours

This mixed rink game was played at Amesbury by Jenny McShane, Margaret and Graham Annetts and Jamie Reynolds vs Tom warner, Chris Colins, Joan Colins and Anne Humphries.

It was a very close battle all the way through with both sides taking the lead almost on an end to end basis. The front ends fought it out brilliantly and the back ends changed the heads with every bowl. Salisbury went ahead on the 16th end and held the lead to the finish. The final score was 24-17.

Salisbury now go on to play a team from either Spencer Moulton or Spencer Melksham.

<<national link>>


27 May 2017

Ladies National Triples (Quarter & Semi Finals)

Di Kerley, Sandie Hall and Margaret Annetts have reached the County Final of the Triples!

They played a team skipped by Linda Whittingham from Westlecot in the quarter final winning 15 shots to 11.

In the semi-final they played Debbie Shadwell, Sue Cooke and Alex Jacobs and came back from 1 - 7 to win 15 - 13.

They now represent Wiltshire in the National finals at Leamington in August.


26 May 2017

National Triples (last sixteen)

A very hot Friday evening saw a Holt triple (Robbie Jeffreys, Pete Hardy and Justin Davis (S)) play Salisbury (Danny Russell, Fraser Boynton and Jamie Reynolds (S)).

The match started evenly but slipped early in the favour of Holt (2-11), Salisbury fought back trying to get larger numbers of shots to catch up. Salisbury left it to late getting to 10-17 before going into the last end. A very big/impossible ask to claw it back at this time and with a desperate effort moving the jack around lost another two shots. Final score Salisbury 10 Holt 19.

Thanks to all the supporters who turned out to watch including those from our neighbouring clubs.


25 May 2017

National Mixed Pairs
Jenny McShane and Jamie Reynolds

Jamie and Jenny played Tom (Warner) and Janice from Amesbury at Amesbury.
It was a tough battle and the Salisbury pair came from 13-1 down to 13-12 only to then find themselves behind again at 20-12. Amesbury were out playing Salisbury on short jacks while Salisbury dominated on the long ones, going ahead in the match only once.
On on the last end. 24-22 down Salisbury were holding two and with the last bowl of the game Jamie drew in to win the match 25-24
Jenny and Jamie will now play a side from box (Debbie Shadwell or Alex Jacobs) still to be decided.

<<draw area 9 Dorset/Wiltshire>>


24 May 2017

Wiltshire 4-rink League

We have two wins to report:

On Saturday we travelled to Corsham, where we won three rinks and so scored twelve league points to Corsham's two points. The Salisbury team took some time to get used to an unfamiliar green, but in the second half of the match we pulled away for a decisive win. On our one losing rink, shots were level after twenty ends, but we were holding three with only one Corsham wood to come. The final wood was well off target but a "straightener" off an outlying bowl directed it straight to the jack to settle the rink in Corsham's favour.

Tonight, Wednesday 24th May, we entertained Devizes BC. We won two rinks and lost two rinks, but big wins by Brian Pike's rink and Danny Russell's rink saw us win the match by 89-68. League points: Salisbury BC 10 pts, Devizes BC 4 pts.

We have had a fine start to this campaign winning all five of our matches, but we are aware that some stiffer challenges are coming!

John Hurle

22 May 2017

Ladies National Triples

Margaret, Sandy and Di played Sue Long and co of Devizes in the second round of the county triples, which they won and are now through to the third round at Chippenham on the 27th May. Good Luck girls!!!

Ladies Friendly

Two ladies triples played at Verwood Ladies in a friendly match on a very hot afternoon, the first of the season. It was a very close match which Salisbury won by a couple of shots. It was followed by an enjoyable afternoon tea and Birthday Cake as one of their ladies was 89!!!

Di Wort

Mens National Fours

Today’s matches started in the afternoon at Salisbury with the Ladies National Triples where Margaret Annetts beat Sue Long (Devizes) to secure a place in the last eight.

This match will take place at Chippenham Town on Saturday 27th May where they take on L Whittingham (Westlecot).

The evening ended with the Mens National Fours (last 16) where Bob Fredericks rink (Stuart, Roger and Graham) succumbed to a rink from Chippenham Park skipped by D Williams. Park now go on to play in the quarter finals on 30 May at Westlecot.

So well done to Margarets trio and commiserations to Bobs quartet.


21 May 2017

2017 Men’s Club Two Fours

Amesbury v Salisbury

Another fiercely fought match between Salisbury and rivals Amesbury. Played at Amesbury on a sunny Sunday morning.

Unfortunately Salisbury suffered a heavy defeat close finish to a strong Amesbury side losing on both rinks

Amesbury now go ahead to play Alderbury in the next leg. <<click her for draw>>


19 May 2017

National Men’s Triples (Round 2)

Watch this space for the result of the contest between two Salisbury triples for a place in the last sixteen qualifiers. 

Being played Friday evening between Danny, Fraser and Jamie (S) and Roger, Graham and Bob F (S).

Not biased (pun) but I know who I'm backing. Come along and support both teams.


Matched started pretty evenly until mid-match when Jamie’s triple took several ends in a row. They held this lead until the end. Final score 20-15

They now play a triple from Holt in the qualifier for the last sixteen.


18 May 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League (Salisbury –v- Pewsey (Red))

Following the threat of a wet evening, the weather dried to welcome the Pewsey (1) team.

It was a very closely fought match resulting in two of the four Salisbury rinks winning (Jamie & Danny) but with the other rinks making a valiant comeback allowing Salisbury to win the match overall by two shots.

The final score 65-63 with points awarded 10-4.


16 May 2017

Westbrook Mixed Triples

We played at home against Sherfield English, with the treat of rain. Some wearing wets just to save time later in the match!! but in actual fact, not needed.

Our green had had some rain since the last time many of us played on it. Several of the team found it difficult to reach the jack.

Let us just say this was not our finest hour (or two), Sherfield English was by far the better team on this night.

Salisbury won one rink, three for Sherfield English.

Final score Salisbury 2 (40 shots) Sheffield English 8 (95 shots).


15 May 2017

Mens National Fours

Wins and Woes - Salisbury’s two matches were held at Amesbury against their fours.

Jamie’s rink (Danny, Brian P and Fraser) lost to Tom Warner 21-18 having fought back from an early deficit and won the final eight ends.

Meanwhile Bob Fredericks rink (Roger, Graham and Brian M) secure a place in the next round by beating Micky Crooks four.

Bob & Co will now play rinks from either Marlborough or Chippenham Park.


14 May 2017

National Top Club -v- Amesbury

This competition consists of five games played similtaniously. A two wood and a four wood Singles, a Pairs, Triples and Rink.

A lovely sunny Sunday morning, the match played in good spirit and good company.

Salisbury was triumphant with wins by our singles contenders Stuart Mason and Fraser Boynton who both won their matches. Unfortunately they were not supported by the other games which we all lost albeit by fairly close margins.

The rink match was drawn on 21 ends but lost on the extra end. So final result 3-2 to Amesbury.

Amesbury are now looking forward to taking on Broughton Gifford in the next round.


13 May 2017

Salisbury BC v Warminster BC, Wiltshire League

We played our third Wiltshire men's 4-rink league match today and completed our third win.

We won on all four rinks and by 102 shots to 40.50. So the league points gained are 14-0.

We now have 36 points out of a possible 42 and are certainly competitive, although it is sure that we have some tougher challenges to come.

John Hurle

12 May 2017

Result of Ladies County Fours

Not such good news this time!

Unfortunately both the Salisbury rinks lost to their Amesbury opponents in the last 16 of the Ladies County Fours competition on Friday 12th May.


12 May 2017

National Men’s Triples (Round 1)

Danny, Fraser and Jamie played a triple from Pewsey skipped by Richard Pearce. A close game throughout, with a heavier green making the pace challenging to master.

In the final end, a perfectly delivered wood from Fraser put the jack out of reach into the ditch, from which the Pewsey team were unable to respond.

A 16-15 win to the Salisbury lads.


12 May 2017

Westbrook Mixed Triples

Wilton v Salisbury

There had been rain during the night & day before this match. We found the green heavy after the dry fast running green of Salisbury. Some of us had a job getting the jack up let alone the bowls. Muscles were soon developed to good effect.

For most of the game two of our teams were winning, but on adding the shots we were behind. Towards the close of the match we managed to “pull our fingers out” and increased the shot difference in our favour.

The game ended with two teams each winning, but we won on shot difference Wilton 57 Salisbury 65.

Lorna van Zyl

10 May 2017

Salisbury & District Triples League

Fantastic warm sunny evening saw Merv Fords debut captaincy giving Salisbury a win on three of the four rinks against Wilton with an overall score 81-60 shots. Points awarded 12-2 to Salisbury.


8 May 2017

Result of Ladies County Fours 2nd round

Di Kerley, Jenny McShane, Sandy Hall and Margaret Annetts won their game against the Four from Devizes skipped by Patricia Reeves 28-9.

Rose Pattenden and her rink also won. Rose played Marilyn Jay from Spencer Melksham.

Both Salisbury teams are drawn against Amesbury teams in the 3rd round .


8 May 2017

Wiltshire Mens Four Rink League - Round up

The 2017 rinks season is now well under way.  The newly structured Wiltshire 4 Rinks league means that we are to play teams from the “Wilds of Wiltshire”! Competing against clubs and travelling to bowls greens that are alien to many Salisbury club members.

For our first match, last Wednesday, we hosted Chippenham Park in conditions which felt subzero - the proof of that is that Jamie had to put an extra layer of clothing on!  The match was very tight; Chippenham Park narrowly won three rinks against one, but Salisbury won the match on shots giving us an 8 to 6 points victory.

Our second match was away to Box at 10.30am yesterday. This meant leaving the club at 8.40am, another alien experience for some! For those who don’t usually travel the back roads of Wiltshire early on a Sunday morning I have to say you are missing a very pleasant experience –the sun was up  and the roads were pretty clear of traffic. We arrived to be informed that Box could only field four triples, in playing term not a real disadvantage to them but they would have to bear a penalty loss of 25% of their shots scored.  In the end these circumstances had little effect on the outcome of the match – we comfortably won all four rinks. The final result was a shots win of 106 to 41.25 giving Salisbury 14 points to nil.  

This is a fantastic start to this seasons Rinks campaign.


5 May 2017 (6pm)

County Ladies Fours

On a cold and blustery evening Ronnie Mussell, Rosie Rose, Anne Selby and Valerie Botting faced Patricia Reeves’ team from Devizes.  After a disastrous start; dropping 6 shots on the first end and after 3 ends being 11 down, we battled throughout the match to finish with a score of 19 – 24.

Better luck next year!


5 May 2017

County Fours Championships

Di Kerley, Jenny McShane, Sandy Hall and Margaret Annetts played in the 1st round of the County Fours Championships against Glenda Hibberd, Barbara Ansell, Roz Corke and Mary Parker Smith from Wilton.

It was a difficult game in which all players struggled on a very tricky green at Wilton. The game was close until the 13th end when the Salisbury four started to pull ahead finally winning 24 - 14.

They now play the rink skipped by Patricia Reeves at Devizes on Monday 8th May in the 2nd round.

<<draw National 4's>>


4 May 2017

Herbie Turner KO 2016 Final

The final, postponed from last season when the match was rained off, took place at Wilton BC. Our opponents were Amesbury BC in what will be the last six-triples match in this charity event.

At the 2016 AGM of the Salisbury & District Bowling Association it was decided to make this a four-triples knock-out in future.

Salisbury had an early lead, but we finished rather weakly and Amesbury got up on the line to win.

Each club won three triples, but the aggregate shots went to Amesbury 102-107. So the trophy, which Salisbury won in 2015, had been polished ready to be presented to Amesbury, the new holders.

The players from both clubs were very grateful to the Wilton club for hosting the match so beautifully. Proceeds to the British Heart Foundation.

John Hurle

3 May 2017

Westbrook Mixed Triples

Salisbury v Downton

Our first match of the season was against Downton. Unfortunately Downton were only able to play two teams, as there was a shortage of Ladies due to S&D games and illness.

We each won a rink, and therefore with the penalty points, Salisbury won this match.

Lorna van Zyl

30 April 2017

National Mixed Pairs (first round)

Jenny McShane and Jamie Reynolds (Salisbury) played Janice Bull and Bill Collier (Amesbury) at Amesbury.

It was a tightly contested match right down to the last end 22-22. Jenny and Jamie secured the win by holding and protecting one shot to finish 23-22.

They now go on to play either Tom Warner (Amesbury) or Alan Waters (Downton).

<<draw area 9 Dorset/Wiltshire>>


26 April 2017

Wiltshire Mens Four Rink League

On a cold April evening Salisbury play Chippenham Park in the first league game this season. Resulting in a close win for Salisbury eight points to six.


25 April 2017

Mixed Triples v Fordingbridge BC

Our first club friendly of the outdoor season was at Fordingbridge today. The match, four mixed triples, was played on a sunny, but bitterly cold afternoon. Malcolm Broad and Patrick Dibben made successful debuts for the club.

Last year we lost both our friendlies with Fordingbridge BC, but today we came out on top by 72-48. Jim Meades, Geoff Bull and Harry Brockway all skipped winning triples in a highly entertaining match.

We look forward to the reverse fixture at Salisbury in September.

John Hurle

11 March 2017

Morva White Trophy

Eight teams played in this annual triples competition.  The final, as always, was played down the middle of the rinks. 

Ann Vine, Doreen Hillier and Paul Mortimer played against Heather Rogers, Merv Ford and Brian Scott with the honours going to Ann Doreen and Paul after an exciting match.

Brian Scott presented the trophy.

Rosie Rose

9 February 2017

ISLE OF WIGHT  -  February 2017

Thirty two teams had entered this weeks competition travelling from various locations in the south from Okehampton, Gravesend, Chesham to name a few.

Each team plays a minimum of three matches with a time limit of one and a half hours. Tuesday and Wednesday saw the three matches concluded with the quarter finals, semi final and final being scheduled for Thursday.

Sadly four of our teams failed to get past the preliminary rounds and fell by the wayside but the team of Di Kerley, Colin Hardiman, Rose Pattenden and Merv Ford (skip) won all three of their matches and went through to meet  Okehampton in one of the quarter finals.

Result – a win for Salisbury and on to a match against one of the Gravesend teams in the semi.

Result – another win and so into the Final for a match against another Gravesend team. The final to be played over 11 ends with no time limit.

Once underway Salisbury slipped to a three shot deficit but excellent leading by Di Kerley got them back into the game and consistent play by the rest of the team saw them build to a 12 – 3 lead with three ends to play. A six by Gravesend on the ninth end resulted in a handsome lead being cut to just three. A tenth end brought the score to 12 – 11 to Salisbury – nail-biting time. With Salisbury and Gravesend supporters either side of the rink a tense end was in prospect but Salisbury managed to prevail and skip Merv did not need his last wood to seal victory.

Congratulations to Di, Colin, Rose and Merv on their win, not forgetting Di’s sister Nessa who promoted herself to Team Manager.

Ron Hillier

5 February 2017

1st round match in the John Ash KO

Sorry to say that we were well beaten by Wilton BC last night at Five Rivers IBC.

After a bright start, we led for the first seven ends, but then things went downhill.

Result: Salisbury 55 Wilton 75.

It was an enjoyable evening, played in a good spirit. My thanks to our members who took part.

John Hurle


Match Reports 2016

 <<up to date Mens Four Rink League Table (group D) Click here>>
<<up to date Mens Salisbury and District League Click here>>


Mens Four Rink League – Area D

Area Secretary – Mr Graham Annetts (Salisbury)          Holders – Amesbury

Matches up to & including: 28/07/2016 Final Table

Team          Played  Won  Drawn  Lost  Shots   Against  Diff Points
Amesbury         9     7     0     2     784      598     186   98
Salisbury        9     6     0     3     740      668      72   78
Pewsey Vale      9     5     0     4     674      675.5  -1.5   63
Warminster       9     0     0     9     560.5    821   -260.5  13


Salisbury & District Mens Triples - Final Table 2016

TEAM         Played Won Lost Shots Against Points

Salisbury      18   15   3   1344    883    192

Pewsey 1       18   15   3   1223    952    189

Alderbury      18   15   3   1365    891    185

Wilton         18   13   5   1216   1075    164

Andover 1      18   11   7   1241   1029    156

Amesbury       18    6  12   1007   1271     88

Andover 2      18    5  13    990   1295     77

Salisbury V    18    5  13    740    992     64

Downton        18    3  15    770   1002     47

Pewsey 2       18    2  16    899   1405     38

23 November 2016

Just to round up the 2016 season, and to tie up a few loose ends left in these match reports........

We won the Salisbury & District Triples League for the second consecutive year. Three teams ended with fifteen wins and three defeats, but our league points tally and especially our shot difference were superior.

The Final of the Herbie Turner KO v Amesbury BC was scheduled for 3rd September, but wet weather caused it to be postponed. The S&D BA committee has agreed for the match to take place early in the 2017 season, date to be fixed. So we retain the trophy for the time being.

We played Holt BC in the play-off round of the Wiltshire four-rink league, with two rinks at home and two away. We lost to a good side but were generally competitive and so bowed out again at the same stage as last season.

In the Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy, we got past Downton BC and Devizes BC, but lost to Highworth BC in the quarter final. We lost the home rink and drew away. This is another seriously good side from the north of the county.

Altogether another hugely enjoyable season..........

John Hurle


31 August 2016

S&D vs Wilton

Last night was our final match of our S&D campaign. It was a make or break match, we needed 8 points to win the league.
We started somewhat slowly and at the midway point things looked a little gloomy, down on three triples.
However, we all seemed to spark at the same time and the final result was a shot victory 63 to 55, winning two triples giving us 10 points to 4 and securing us the league by 3 points over Pewsey.
Well done everyone who has played for the club in the league this season, back to back league wins is something to be proud of.

25 August 2016

S&D League Matches

Since my last update we have played two matches. Monday we hosted Wilton, we won two triples but lost the match by 3 shots making the result 4 to 10 points against.

Last night we hosted Amesbury, we had what can only be described as a run away victory winning all triples with an overall shot score of 123 to 30 giving us 14 to 0 points.

Whilst all our triples had high scores, Stuart Mason, John Hurle and Brian Pike won by 40 to 6 shots which puts them well into the running for having the seasons highest winning score across the league.

We have one more match next Wednesday against Wilton the result of which will decide who wins the league Pewsey or Salisbury.


21 August 2016

Herbie Turner

We played the semi final of the Herbie Turner this morning vs Pewsey we went down by 3 shots away but won by 19 at home giving us a 16 shot victory.
We are now due to play the final on the 3rd September at Wilton.

16 August 2016

S&D vs Andover2

We had a comfortable win last night over Andover 2, winning 3 triples and drawing 1 giving us a 93 to 40 shots victory and 13 to 1 points. This places us second in the league 13 points behind Pewsey but we have 2 games in hand.

13 August 2016

Mixed Pairs - Two-Wood competition

Today's competition was won by Jennie McShane and Danny Russell.

The competition was played in (mostly) beautiful weather. The folks who prepared the filled rolls and cakes did a great job and the whole event was played in a great club spirit. Many thanks to our members who contributed so well on and off the green, and also to the nice number of spectators who supported the event.

John Hurle

4 August 2016

S&D vs Alderbury

Last night saw our home S&D match against Alderbury. Unlike last week when they offered little resistance and we beat them easily they came with the firm intent to reverse the result.
The game could up to the last ends have gone either way, but we prevailed and won three rinks giving us a 70 to 66 shot victory and 12 to 2 match points.
By my reckoning we are still second in the league, 15 points behind Pewsey with two games in hand.

29 July 2016

S&D vs Alderbury

After the tense finale of the Wiltshire 4 rinks we were back to the routine of the S&D last night with an away match at Alderbury.

We won fairly easily, three rinks to one, giving us a 85 to 42 shots victory and a points result of 12 to 2.

We are currently second in the league behind Pewsey, who else this season, they have bettered us game on game this year.

The run in for the S&D league will be tight so we need all the support you can give.


27 July 2016

Wiltshire League match v Pewsey Vale BC

Our final match of our Wiltshire 4-rink league programme resulted in a defeat at Pewsey Vale BC by 69-84. Jamie Reynolds (skip) won his rink narrowly, but elsewhere we were off the pace. League points were split 2-12.

But our win last night had seen us through to the play-offs and we await news of who our opponents in the quarter-final will be.

By my reckoning 28 members have represented our club in this competition this year. Five have been ever-present: Brian Pike, Stuart Mason, Harry Brockway, Brian Merritt and me. Thanks to all for their commitment to the club.

John Hurle

26 July 2016

Wiltshire League v Amesbury BC

Tonight's Wiltshire League match at Amesbury resulted in a thrilling win for Salisbury BC by one shot. Amesbury had already been "crowned" as champions of our division, but our win ensures that we will be second in the division and thus our two clubs will progress to the county play-offs.

We won by 82-81 on shots. Danny Russell's and Jamie Reynolds' rinks both won and had finished when Brian Pike's rink still had two ends to play. At that stage we were seven behind overall. Incredibly they got a six in the penultimate end. Then perfect draws by John Hillier and Brian Pike put us ahead. There was some shuffling of the woods in the head, but we held on to the two shots to give us the win by 10 league points to four. After an indifferent start, the rink (Stuart Mason, John Hillier, Merv Ford and Brian Pike) scored 1-1-6-2 on the last four ends to secure the win.  Great moments in sport!

Our record in this competition is played eight, won six, lost two, with one match to play. Our final match in the league stage is tomorrow at Pewsey.

John Hurle

Men's vice-captain

20 July 2016

Wiltshire league match v Pewsey Vale

We had a close fought loss this evening against Pewsey Vale BC, by 72-77. We were thirteen shots up after ten ends, but Pewsey finished the match strongly and inflicted our second defeat of the season in the Wiltshire four-rink league. We did win on two rinks, skipped by Jamie Reynolds and Brian Pike, so the league points were distributed 4-10.

We have won five matches and lost two so far. We have our final two games next week at Amesbury BC and Pewsey Vale BC. We need to win at least one to be sure to progress to the play-offs again.

John Hurle

9 July 2016

v Warminster BC, Wilts League

A close win today against bottom-of-the-table Warminster. We won by 87-76 shots. We won two rinks and lost two rinks to give us a win on league points by 10-4.

So far this season twenty-six different members have represented the club in our seven Wiltshire League matches.

Members who enjoy these games are encouraged to sign up please. In the holiday season there will surely be opportunities to play.

John Hurle

8 July 2016

Wiltshire 4-rink league

Yesterday evening we had a narrow win over Pewsey Vale BC by 79 shots to 75. We won on two rinks and lost on two rinks to give us a win on league points by 10-4.

Somewhat surprisingly Alderbury BC has withdrawn from this league, so the result of our match with that club in May is deleted from the record.

In our division of the Wiltshire League we have won four matches and lost one, with 52 points out of a total possible 70.

Of course our outstanding Wiltshire League matches v Alderbury, which were scheduled for 11th July and 15th July have been cancelled.

John Hurle

5 July 2016

Mens Bowls update

Over the last two days we have played Andover twice. On Sunday we had the first round of the Herbie Turner and had a comfortable win 102 to 82 shots winning three rinks, drawing two with one loss; the next round will be against Wilton or Pewsey.

Last night we played Andover 2 away in the S&D league and again won comfortably 93 to 54 shots with three winning rinks giving us a 12 to 2 points result.

Thank you all for your support.

21 June 2016

National Top Club

Last night (210616) saw the club playing in the third round of the National Top Club against Holt Bowls Club.

They came with an experienced and strong team and apart from one rink, the triples skipped by Jamie, we came second best, losing 4 -1.

There is always next year and the experience of playing a good team is always worthwhile and of course there is still much to play for this season.

20 June 2016

S&D Triples League v Salisbury Victoria

This evening we enjoyed an efficient win over our neighbours by 64 shots to 34. The league points were Salisbury BC 12, Salisbury Victoria BC nil.

We are leading in this league at the moment, although Alderbury have several games in hand and are looking dangerous.

John Hurle

Men's vice-captainv Warminster BC, Wilts League

15 June 2016

Revenge for Amesbury BC

After Salisbury's win last Friday, Amesbury prevailed in tonight's Wiltshire League match. Salisbury went down by 71-80. We won on one rink, skipped by Jamie Reynolds, who makes his debut for Wiltshire in the Middleton Cup at the weekend.

League points: Salisbury BC 2 points, Amesbury BC 12.

Our second round match in the Bowls England Top Club KO is scheduled for Tuesday 21st June, 6.30pm at home v Holt BC. Supporters welcome of course.

John Hurle

12 June 2016

Tourist Trophy

Today we had a win over Downton BC in the second round of the Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy, which is the competition in which we were runners-up in 2015.

It was a close run thing today. Our home rink finished all square at 19-19, but at Downton we won by 23-19 to take the match.

In the next round we meet Swindon BC or Devizes BC.

John Hurle

8 June 2016
10 June 2016

I have two more very different wins to report.

Salisbury and District Triples League

On Wednesday evening (8 June) we overcame Salisbury Victoria BC in our S&D BA Men's Triples League game in the park. We  won by 64 shots to 27, and by 12 league points to nil.

Bowls England Top Club

On Friday evening (10 June) we beat Amesbury BC in the Bowls England Top Club knock-out.
We won three of the five matches to progress to the next round by 3-2.
In this competition last season we reached the semi-final of the Dorset/Wiltshire region.

In the next round we meet Holt BC's "A" team. Date to be agreed.

John Hurle

Men's Vice-captain.

6 June 2016

V Pewsey Vale 2 in the S&D league

Salisbury BC had a nice win tonight at Pewsey on their superb green. It might not be as fast as our green has been recently (but still fast enough) but the regularity of the draws on all hands was really outstanding. We won on all four rinks and by 89 shots to 53.

Salisbury 14 league points, PV2 nil.

John Hurle, Men's vice-captain Salisbury Bowling Club

4 June 2016

Wiltshire League match v Warminster BC

We enjoyed a good win over Warminster BC by 93-68. The match was pretty even after 14 ends, when we led by just five shots. After that Warminster imploded and we scored heavily in the last third of the match to win on all rinks.

League points: Warminster nil, Salisbury 14 points.

In the competition so far this season, we have played four, won three and lost one match.

John Hurle, Men's vice-captain.

2 June 2016

Salisbury & District Triples League Match v Downton BC

Reporting a win on 2nd June in the S&D BA Triples League at Downton.

Salisbury won by 49-39, winning on two of the three rinks. League points: Downton 2 points, Salisbury 10.

So far in this competition we have won four matches and lost one.

John Hurle

25 May 2016

Wiltshire League Match v Alderbury BC

We had one of our poorer performances tonight, going down to Alderbury BC by 70-81. One rink, skipped by Danny Russell, drew their match, but the other three all lost fairly narrowly. The league points were split Salisbury 1 point, Alderbury 13 points.

John Hurle, Men's vice-captain

23 May 2016

S&D results round up

After a close result last week against Pewsey 1, winning two rinks each but losing the match 68 to 65 shots we found our winning ways again last night.

We hosted Andover 1, who we play only a week ago, and though again winning only two rinks, we won the match 73 to 58 shots.

Bob Frederick’s rink were the star performers with a solid 24 to 10 shot victory. Brian Merritt’s rink struggled with rink 6, a rink to be avoided, but only lost their game on the last end.

An all round strong performance, well done Salisbury.

21 May 2016

v Warminster, Wiltshire League match

Pleased to report a convincing win in this Wiltshire four-rink league match. It was the second of our matches played with two rinks at each venue.

The match was played in persistent rain throughout at both venues, but we pressed on and finished the match rather heroically.

We won by 102 shots to 53, winning on all four rinks. League points: 14-0 to Salisbury. Terrific tea at Warminster!

John Hurle, Vice-captain Salisbury BC

16 May 2016

Salisbury & District Triples League

S&D match report

We continued our winning ways last night with a good victory over Andover 1, 71 to 62 shots and winning 3 out of four rinks giving us 12 to 2 match points.

It was a challenging evening on Andover’s green, which was at its best bizarre and worst unfathomable.

All rinks, bar one, had nip and tuck games; we were in the running to win all rinks until the last wood on Bob Fred’s rink saw that famous last wood turn over to steal the game and even Jamie’s rink, who were winning start to finish, had a howler of a last end, going down a significant number of shots, but still wining the game.

Well-done Salisbury.

6 May 2016

Wiltshire League v Amesbury BC

Pleased to report a good win against Amesbury last night in our first Wiltshire League match of the season.

The match was played with two rinks at Amesbury and two at home.

We won on three rinks (skipped by Bob Fredericks, Brian Pike and Brian Merritt) and by 85-72 on shots. That means a win on league points by 12-2.

We had three debutants in our Wiltshire League team: David Bryant (recently from Ferndown BC), John Hillier (recently from Bexhill-on-Sea BC) and Chris Curtis, formerly from Alderbury BC, and returning to the game after a break.

All were warmly welcome and I hope they enjoyed their first experience of competitive bowls at our club.

John Hurle
Acting men's vice-captain.

25 April 2016

S&D vs Downton

From our correspondent

Last night saw the start of Salisbury’s S&D Triples campaign as we hosted Downton for a three rinks match.

The weather was kind, being dry but somewhat cool, with a glimmer of sun tempting one to believe that summer could have arrived, but as the last rink to complete the game peered down the green in semi-gloom we realized that the balmy evenings are yet to appear.

Salisbury had a slow start on one rink but they soon found their pace and the match was won comfortably with a 51 to 34 shots victory giving us maximum points.

The green played very well, for so early in the outdoor season, showing the value of contracting professionals to undertake the essential seasonal work.

The evening was warmly rounded off with a hot supper provided by John and Carol Burge.

The first 4rinks match, 2 rinks home and 2 away vs Amesbury on the 5th May was selected last night and the team sheet has been posted in the club. Selection was a somewhat arduous task due to a lack of names on the availability card.

Please consider playing in this league, it's excellent experience and can only develop your game and the club needs your support


Mens Section match reports provided by: Frank Botting, Men's Captain, Salisbury BC

14 February 2016

The President's Club v Salisbury & District BA

John Collins' year as President of the Salisbury & District Bowling Association got off to a good start with this afternoon's match at Five Rivers IBC.

It was a hugely enjoyable event in which the result was of little consequence. But just for the record........

The Salisbury BC team won by 80 shots to 79. We won on only one rink. Doreen Hillier, Paul Mortimer, John Hillier and skip Frank Botting scored heavily and made up for the defeats on the other three rinks. It took some time for the several players in the Salisbury BC team, who play little or no indoor bowls, to get used to the unfamiliar lines and lengths and we soon had a substantial deficit. But the difference was cut little by little and we hit the front shortly before the end to record a surprising match win.

Thanks to the team that represented our club this afternoon. I hope that we can support John equally well in the events through his year of office.

John Hurle
Men's Captain (till 26th Feb)

Match Reports 2015

Salisbury Bowling Club - Men’s Results 2015

                               Won Draw Lost
Wiltshire League               10   0   3    Runners up in our division,
                                             reached last eight Wiltshire

S&D Triples League             17   1   2    Winners
Bowls England Top Club          4   0   1    Reached semi-finals
                                             Wiltshire/Dorset Area

Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy  4   0   1    Runners up
S&D Herbie Turner               3   0   0    Winners
Bowls England two rink KO       0   0   1

Totals                         38   1   8

11 September 2015


The Ladies Championship Cup was won this morning by Rose Pattenden in a 21-12 win over Di Wort. It is the second time Rose has won this trophy.

6 September 2015

Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy Final

In a fabulous match v Wootton Bassett BC this morning at Devizes, we won on one rink 20-12, but lost on the other 14-24 to lose overall by two shots.
We were narrowly ahead for most of the match, but when one rink had completed their 21 ends (and the other had one end to play) Wootton Bassett were one up. A superb trail by Jamie Reynolds left us holding three well-protected shots (probably four on a measure) with every hope that they would give us the match. The final bowl, delivered by the Wootton Bassett skip, who admitted it was "hit-and-hope", was a brilliantly executed running wood which indirectly sent the jack back away from our shot bowls. They scored one shot and took the match.
It could not have been more dramatic.
So our competitive season ends. It has been great fun and I am hugely grateful for the support, advice and skill of our club's members.

5 September 2015

Herbie Turner Final

This afternoon we won the Herbie Turner KO Final by 104-82 against Pewsey Vale BC at Wilton. Thanks to the spectators who turned up to support. Especially thanks to Ron Hillier who came to watch, but acted as a replacement when one of our players was delayed. We won on four rinks and lost on two. We were four shots down after nine ends (halfway) but then finished strongly. It was a good team effort. Thanks to all the players for some wonderful support.

5 September 2015

Salisbury BC Finals

Our disrupted programme of club finals got under way over the past two days.

On Thursday:
Men's Championship: Barry Folland beat Jamie Reynolds 21-18

On Friday:
Ladies' two-wood: Margaret Annetts beat Val Botting 15-10
Men's Special Singles: Geoff Bull beat Ron Hillier 21-16
Ladies' Special singles: Ann Vine beat Pam Milns 21-7
Men's two-wood: Jamie Reynolds beat John Hurle 17-2
Ladies pairs: Di Kerley & Val Botting beat Cherith Deane & Di Wort 25-15
Men's pairs: Bob Armstrong & Ron Hillier beat Paul Gunstone & Merv Ford 20-19
Men's Handicap: Danny Russell beat Barry Folland 25-16

There remain four finals to play, one of which has been scheduled:
On Saturday 12th September at 10am: Mixed Pairs: Wendy Todd & John Collins v Marjorie Collins & Danny Russell.

Yet to be scheduled are:
Ladies' Championship
Ladies' Handicap
Men's Veterans

2 September 2015

S&D BA Triples League

In our last match of the league campaign we went down to Wilton BC in a close match. League Points: Wilton 12 points, Salisbury 2.
Of course we had already won the league for the first time since 2003.
The match was curtailed by bad light to 12 ends. Given another six ends we might have caught them!

30 August 2015

Ladies Triples

Congratulations to our Ladies triples team who won their S&D final this morning v Andover BC at Andover.
It was all square after eighteen ends on the two rinks. Salisbury won both the extra ends. It was a thrilling match, played in a great spirit with a nice group of Salisbury supporters to cheer them home.

30 August 2015

Good News!

We have won the S&D BA Men's Triples League for the first time since 2003.
Andover 1, the only team which could have caught us, dropped points in their recent match. We are clear with one match to play.

23 August 2015

Wiltshire League Play-off

On a soggy Sunday morning, Salisbury BC was beaten by Westlecot BC, one of the best teams in our county. We won a rink and drew a rink at Westlecot, but the rinks at Salisbury lost by three shots and nine shots to make our overall losing margin just eleven. It would have been nice to have gone further, but it is decades since we last reached this stage in this competition, so we have something to be pleased with. My archivists are working on the records and I'll let you know in a later report when it last happened.
Thanks to all sixteen for playing on doggedly in the rain.

22 August 2015

S&D BA Men's Triples League v Alderbury 1

Yesterday Salisbury BC won on shots by 77-51 and by 10-4 on league points. Alderbury were unable to field a full team, and sent only three triples. I send again my apologies to the three members of our club who had to stand down from the selected team.
Thanks to Bob Fredericks, who captained the team in my absence yesterday and on a small number of other occasions this year.
The only club able to catch us now is Andover "1". They are 63 points behind us, but with five games in hand. They may have played again since the last league table was distributed, but any results are not yet known. Also it is not known how many of their outstanding matches are maximum 12-pointers (instead of the usual 14 maximums).
A good performance at Wilton BC next Wednesday will help our cause!

17 August 2015

S&D BA Men's Triples League

Last night (17th) we had another strong win in the S&D BA Men's Triples League.
We won 111-44 on shots against Amesbury BC. and by 13-1 on league points.
We also heard overnight that Alderbury 1 (our nearest challengers for the pennant) lost to Pewsey Vale 2 over the weekend. So we are now very close to getting over the line.
Our two remaining games in this competition are at home against Alderbury 1 (on Fri 21st August) and away to Wilton (on Wed 26th August).

Please come and support the team, which has had such a remarkable year.

16 August 2015

Bowls Wiltshire Double Mixed Rink KO

This morning we bowed out of this competition at the semi-final stage.
We lost to Chippenham Town BC, who go through to the final. We won the home rink, and lost away, but the aggregate went against us.
Rosie Rose and I thank the members who have taken part in the four rounds of this county knock-out competition and who have represented our club so well.

11 August 2015

Tourist Trophy Semi-final

This evening we won our semi-final against Purton BC to go through to meet Wootton Bassett BC in the final.
We won home and away. At Salisbury, our rink comprising Folland, Hurle, Reynolds and (skip) Danny Russell won 19-17. We built up a big lead only to see it almost whittled away as they got to grips with the vagaries of our green.
At Purton our rink of Merritt, Annetts, Fredericks and (skip) Bob Armstrong won 20-17, having come from behind. It was a strong battling performance.
Thanks to the members who came to Devonshire Road to support and to help with the back-room work. It was greatly appreciated by the players.

10 August 2013

S&D BA Triples League

This evening we had another fine win at home against Andover 1.
We won on three rinks and lost on one. We came out on top by 85 shots to 54. It reversed the defeat a month ago at Andover when we lost on league points by 2-12. Tonight: 12-2!
We lead the table with three games to go. It looks more and more as if our match v Alderbury 1 on 21st August will decide the destination of this year's pennant.

8 August 2015

Postponed League match v Alderbury 1

Our S&D BA Men's Triples League match against Alderbury "1", which was postponed because of heavy rain last month, has been re-scheduled for Friday 21st August, at home, 6pm start.
Please note carefully the start time.
The availability card is up in the club. Please sign up if you would like to play.

5 August 2015

Tonight v Pewsey Vale 2

We have found yet another way of winning close bowls matches! We eventually won this S&D men's triples league match 67-60 on shots with the Collins-Ford-Reynolds triple leading the way 22-7.
Early in the match we had looked doomed to defeat. We clawed our way back, and the aggregate on the last two ends was a net gain of ten shots to swing it our way.
We won on two rinks and lost on two, so the league points were split:
Salisbury 10 points, Pewsey Vale "2" 4 points.

4 August 2015

S&D Triples League, v Alderbury 1

A sparkling win tonight at Alderbury. We won 72-56, winning on two rinks and drawing a third. Jamie Reynolds' triple (with John Collins and Merv Ford) played superbly in their 22-7 win. Overall it was one of our best performances against formidable opponents.
League points: Salisbury 11 points, Alderbury "1" 3 points.

3 August 2015

Herbie Turner KO semi-final

We won our semi-final against Andover by 105 shots to 87. This is the knock-out competition organised by Salisbury & District Bowling Association among the clubs in our district.
Our opponents in the final will be Amesbury BC or Pewsey Vale BC. The venue will be Wilton.

1 August 2015

Club Mixed two-wood competition <<click for full details>>

Today sixteen pairs competed in the inaugural event. There was a highly entertaining series of ten-end matches culminating in a final which was won by Cherith Deane and Ron Hillier. They beat Ann Cottle and Danny Russell 13-8 in the ten-end final.

29 July 2015

S&D BA Triples League v Pewsey Vale 1

On Thursday evening we had another tight match, this time against Pewsey Vale 1. We came out on top by 79-65 on shots. We had two convincing wins and two narrow defeats among the four triples. League points:
Salisbury 10 points, Pewsey Vale 1 - 4 points. Thus we maintain our challenge for the pennant. We have twelve wins, one draw and one defeat so far this season.

We now have a date for the semi-final of the Bowls Wiltshire Double Mixed Rink KO. We play Chippenham Town BC on Sunday 16th August, 10.30am. I think we will have the same eight players who defeated Devizes in the quarter-final. The format remains: one rink at home and one away, cumulative score to decide who goes through to the final to meet Trowbridge Westbourne BC or Alderbury BC.

29 July 2015

Wiltshire League v Downton BC

Our Wiltshire League programme finished with a win at Downton. We lost on three rinks, but our strong Botting-Hall-Merritt-Fredericks rink won by a commanding margin, sufficient to see us through by 76 shots to 73 overall. Salisbury BC 8 league points, Downton BC 6 points.
We ended with ten wins and two defeats from our twelve matches and we now look forward to the play-off match against Westlecot BC, the winners of one of the divisions in the north of the county.

26 July 2015

Bowls Wiltshire Double Mixed Rink and League

This morning our eight played in the rain in the quarter-final of the Bowls Wiltshire Double Mixed Rink KO against Devizes "B". We won home and away and will meet Wilton BC or Chippenham Town BC in the semi-final. Comgratulations to all who have played in the three rounds of this competition.
As regards the Wiltshire League play-off, our opponents are likely to be Westlecot BC. This match, on a date to be fixed, will be two rinks at home and two away.

26 July 2015

Gillian Scott Trophy <<click for more>>

This annual competition usually takes place outdoors but due to extremely heavy rain it was held on the Club's two indoor rinks.

Eight teams of mixed triples competed for the trophy with the final being played down the middle of the rinks.

The winning team was John Todman, Paul Mortimer and Lorna van Zyl, with runners up Heather Rogers, Ann Vine And Jim Dolman.

26 July 2015

Wiltshire League

I am pleased to report that we are confirmed as runners-up in our division.
Alderbury BC lost their match last week, which means that with one game to play we cannot be passed.
Amesbury BC are champions of our division.
After our final game at Downton this week, we will progress to the play-offs. The first and second clubs in each of the four areas go through to quarter-finals and I await to hear whom we have to play.
My sincere thanks to everyone who has played. Thirty-three different members have played in the eleven league matches so far. Only three (Bob Armstrong, Danny Russell and I) have played in all eleven. It has truly been a club effort!

25 July 2015

Tourist Trophy v Chippenham Park BC

We had another win in the quarter-finals of the Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy knock-out. Our home rink (Folland-Hurle-Reynolds-Russell) won 29-9, and although we lost away it was enough to see us through.
In the semi-final we will play Holt BC or Purton BC. The match is to be played by 9th August. However Holt has been given permission to play the quarter-final two days late, so we shall not know until the middle of this week who our opponents will be. Then the negotiations regarding the date of the semi-final will commence!

24 July 2015 (15:32)

v Alderbury tonight postponed

The match tonight has been postponed. The green is very wet already and the forecast is for the rain to continue for hours yet.
The match will be re-arranged for a date in August.
The selection committee will meet this evening to pick teams:
29th July v Downton, away, Wiltshire League 30th July v Pewsey Vale 1, away, S&D Triples league 3rd August v Andover, home & away, Semi-final of Herbie Turner KO 4th August v Alderbury 1, away, S&D Triples 5th August v Pewsey Vale 2, home, S&D Triples Please find a way to let me know if you are available for any of these and have not yet put your name up.

22 July 2015

v Pewsey Vale BC in the Wiltshire League

It was another close thing in tonight's game at Pewsey, but we won by 79 shots to 76. We won on two rinks and lost on two, so the points were split: Salisbury BC 10 Pewsey Vale BC 4.
In our division of the Wiltshire League we have won nine matches and lost two. We are in second place with one match to play at Downton next week.

19 July 2015

Top Club

Our run in the Bowls England Top Club KO came to an end on Sunday when we were beaten by a very good Poole Park team in the Wiltshire/Dorset area semi-final.
It was disappointing, but we got through four rounds of this competition and the captain thanks warmly the other sixteen members who have taken part in one or more of the various rounds.

15 July 2015

Wiltshire League, v Alderbury BC

Another nail-biting finish to an exciting match at Alderbury this evening. We won on two rinks, drew on one and lost one in an overall win by 78 shots to 77. It was a battling recovery from an unpromising position early in the match. League points: Salisbury BC 11 points, Alderbury BC 3 points.
Before tonight, Alderbury and Salisbury were second and third respectively in our division of the Wiltshire League. Level on points, Alderbury were ahead of us only on "shot difference". Now we are firmly second with two games to play. The top two teams go through to the county play-offs, and it should remain our target to qualify for these play-offs.

The semi-final of the Herbie Turner KO v Andover BC has been fixed for the evening of Monday 3rd August. To remind everybody, this is a knock-out organised by the Salisbury & District Bowling Association. Each tie comprises three men's triples at home and three men's triples away, with the cumulative shot score deciding who goes through to the next round. It's purpose is to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.
The availability card is up in the club. As many members as possible to be available for this match please.

13 July 2015

S&D BA Men's Triples League v Andover(1)

After twelve consecutive wins in league and knock-out matches, we lost pretty heavily to Andover 1 this evening. We won on one rink, thanks to a brilliant running bowl by skip Barry Folland to take out their nearest bowl and go from two behind to two up. It was the last delivery of the rink. Overall we went down 43-84. So league points were Salisbury BC 2 points, Andover BC "1" 12 points.

We are drawn to meet Andover BC again in the semi-final of the S&D BA Herbie Turner KO, date to be fixed.

11 July 2015

Salisbury v Amesbury, Wiltshire League

On Saturday Salisbury beat Amesbury. They were champions of our division and were previously unbeaten in this season's division.
We won two rinks and lost two rinks but won on aggregate shots by 76-68.
League points: Salisbury 10 Amesbury 4.

8 July 2015

Wiltshire League match v Devizes BC

Tonight we enjoyed an away win over Devizes by 80 shots to 75. It was a battling, resilient (and fortunate) performance, but we seem to have found ways of winning close matches.
Each team won two rinks but we had the better shot score and so the league points were split: Salisbury 10 points, Devizes 4 points.
In our division of the Wiltshire League we have now won six and lost two of our eight matches so far this season.

7 July 2015

S&D Triples v Wilton BC

This evening we enjoyed an entertaining win in the Salisbury & District BA men's triples league against Wilton BC. We won by 81-54 on shots. We won three rinks and drew the other to give us 13 league points and Wilton one point. Skips Bob Fredericks and Jamie Reynolds both bowled perfect deliveries in their final ends, one to convert a deficit to a draw and the other to convert a deficit to a last minute win. Those two deliveries alone were worth three league points, which might be crucial by the end of August.

Yesterday, Jamie Reynolds' run in the national singles KO came to end. He played his matches with considerable skill and grace and has represented our club very well indeed.

Our Bowls England Top Club match v Poole Park BC "A" has been arranged for Sunday 19th July, 10am at Poole Park. It is the semi-final of the Wiltshire/Dorset area. The winners will meet Holt BC or Chippenham Town BC in the area final.

5 July 2015

Tourist Trophy v Devizes

This morning we got past Devizes BC in the Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy knock-out.
We drew 20-20 in the rink at Devizes, but won 28-17 in the home rink.
Next we meet Downton BC or Chippenham Park BC in the quarter-final of this competition.

4 July 2015

Wiltshire League match v Warminster BC

It was a close run thing against Warminster BC this afternoon, but Salisbury eventually won by 68 shots to 63. We won on three rinks, so the league points were: Salisbury BC 12 points, Warminster BC 2 points.
Two Salisbury members, David Miesner and Harold Wilmot made their debuts in our league team. Thirty-two different members have now represented the club in at least one league or knock-out matches this season.

1 July 2015

S&D Men's triples v Alderbury (2)

Another win tonight at home to Alderbury (2) by 69 shots to 46 in the Salisbury & District BA men's triples league.
League points: Salisbury 10, Alderbury (2) 2 points.

30 June 2015

Double Mixed Rink KO

On 30th June we won our match v Swindon North End BC to progress to the last eight of this Bowls Wiltshire knock-out competition. We won home and away by an aggregate of 42 shots to 32.
We now meet Devizes "B" on Sunday 26th July for a place in the semi-finals.

29 June 2013

Tonight's matches

In the Salisbury & District men's triples league, we had a good win at Andover against Andover (2). We won on all four rinks by an aggregate of 90-44. League points: Salisbury BC 14 points, Andover (2) nil.
It was our sixth maximum points haul in ten matches in this league.
Meanwhile at Wootton Bassett BC, Jamie Reynolds got through to the last eight in the Wiltshire area of the Bowls England men's singles championship.
He beat N. Connor (Chippenham Town BC) 21-20.
Next Monday he faces Tom Warner (Amesbury BC) for a place in the Wiltshire semi-final.

28 June 2015

Bowls England Top Club KO

Today the Salisbury BC team progressed to the semi-final of the Dorset/Wiltshire area of this national competition.
We had a very competent win over Poole Park BC B at Poole by 4-1. Bob Armstrong won the singles (his fourth win in four ties in this year's competition) and he was supported by wins for the pair, triple and rink.
Our club will meet either Dorchester BC or Poole Park BC, who play their tie on Tuesday.
The next round must be played by 19th July.

26 June 2015

Herbie Turner KO

This is a knock-out competition between the clubs in the Salisbury & District Bowling Association. It's aim is to raise funds for the British Heart Foundation.
The format is six triples, three played on each of the greens of the two clubs drawn together. Tonight we beat Downton BC by 114 shots to 108.
All three rinks played at Salisbury were lost, but two big wins on rinks skipped by Bob Armstrong and Bob Fredericks at Downton saw us narrowly over the finishing line.
In the next round (effectively the semi-final) we meet either Andover BC or Wilton BC.

23 June 2013

S&D BA Men's Triples

We had another win on Tuesday evening at home against Salisbury Victoria BC in the S&D Men's Triples League.
We won on all three rinks by an aggregate score of 72-29.
League points: Salisbury BC 12, Salisbury Victoria BC nil.

22 June 2015

Men's National Singles KO

Yesterday (Monday 22), Jamie Reynolds won his fourth round Bowls England Singles match v Fraser Boynton (Alderbury BC) by 21-8.
He is now in the last sixteen in Wiltshire and next plays at Wootton Bassett (neutral green) next Monday evening, 6.30pm.
Terrific performance, Jamie!

18 June 2015

S&D Men's Triples League

Tonight we won against Amesbury BC in the S&D BA Men's Triples League by 83 shots to 61 shots.
We won on three rinks and lost narrowly on the other.
League points: Salisbury BC 12 points , Amesbury BC 2.

We have fixed the date of our match in the Bowls England Top Club knock-out against Poole Park BC "B". It will be played at Poole on Sunday 28th June, 10.30am.
The match will be a quarter-final in the Dorset/Wiltshire area.
Winners will play in the semi-final away to Dorchester BC or Poole Park "A".

11 June 2015

S&D Triples v Alderbury (2)

It was a struggle, but the Salisbury team got up "close home" to win on all three rinks against Alderbury (2).
We won on the three rinks by margins of five, one and one. Overall shots 50-43.
League points: Salisbury BC 12 points, Alderbury (2) nil. It was our fourth maximum in seven games in this league this season.

10 June 2015

v Downton BC, Wiltshire League

Down to earth with a bump last night!
We won one rink, drew one rink but lost two. Overall we went down 62-69.
League points: Salisbury 3 points, Downton 11.
So far in our division of the Wiltshire League we have played six, won four and lost two.

9 June 2015

Top Club v Amesbury

I'm very happy to report a win against Amesbury BC tonight in this Bowls England knock-out competition.
Each round of the competition comprises five matches: a singles, a two-wood singles, pairs, triples and a rink.
We won 3-2 in a close, hard fought game.
If anyone doubts that bowls can be a competitive sport, they should have been at our green tonight.
The spirit between the two clubs was excellent but the evening was a special pleasure for us.
We have got through three rounds of this competition and now go out of the county to play either Poole Park BC or Branksome Park BC in the quarter-final of the Wiltshire/Dorset area.
The match is to be played by 5 July.

8 June 2015

S&D Triples v Salisbury Victoria

Another big win tonight against Salisbury Victoria BC in the park.
We won on all three rinks and by an aggregate shot score of 80-29. Salisbury BC 12 points, Salisbury Victoria BC 0.
So far we have five wins and one draw in the Salisbury & District Men's Triples League, with a positive shot difference of 193 shots.
It will be tougher on Tuesday evening when we meet Amesbury BC at home in the next round of the Bowls England Top Club knock-out.

6 June 2015

Bowls Wiltshire Double Mixed Rink

This morning we won our first round match in this county competition v Wroughton BC.
In the rink at Wroughton we won 18-16.
At Salisbury, our rink came from a big deficit to win 28-24.
In the next round we meet Swindon North End BC by 5th July. They are the challengers.

3 June 2015

v Pewsey Vale BC, Wiltshire League

In tonight's Wiltshire League match, we won on two rinks, but lost on two rinks. Overall we won the match 93 shots to 71.
League Points: Salisbury BC 10 points, Pewsey Vale BC 4 points.

1 June 2015

v Pewsey Vale 2 tonight

This evening's  S&D Triples League match against Pewsey Vale (2) at Pewsey was cut short by rain and wind . But we completed twelve ends on each rink, the minimum for the result to stand.
We won on three rinks and overall by 54 shots to 36.
League points: Salisbury 12, PV(2) 2pts.

30 May 2015

v Warminster BC, Wiltshire League

A win today in the Wiltshire League match at Warminster.
We won on all rinks, 103-51 on shots.
League Points: Salisbury BC 14, Warminster BC 0.

29 May 2015

Top Club v Wilton BC

Tonight we won our next match in this Bowls England knock-out competition at Wilton. We won by four matches to one.
Well done to everyone who played in a fine win.
For the second time our two singles players, Bob Armstrong and Jamie Reynolds, got us off to a great start with two wins in their matches.

27 May 2015

Tonight's result

A battling win tonight in the Wiltshire League match against Alderbury BC. We won on two rinks and lost on two rinks. However we won overall 79 shots to 75. League points: Salisbury 10 Alderbury 4.

24 May 2015

This week's results (men's)

On Wednesday evening we had a good win against Devizes BC in the Wiltshire League. We won on two rinks, drew on one and lost one. We won by 80 shots to 64. League points: Salisbury 11, Devizes 3.

Not so good on Thursday v Pewsey Vale 1, in the Salisbury & District Triples League, when we won only one rink, but drew the match 59 shots each. League points: Salisbury 5, Pewsey Vale 9.

Sunday morning we played our preliminary round match also against Pewsey Vale in the Bowls England Top Club KO. We won in four of the five matches to go through to play Wilton BC away in the first round proper.

17 May 2015

Bowls Wiltshire Tourist Trophy

I'm please to report that our team beat Trowbridge Westbourne BC this morning in the second round of this county KO competition. We won home and away with a combined shots score of 53-34.
Our next round is v Swindon BC or Devizes BC, again with established format, i.e. one rink at home and one away.

9 May 2015

Bowls England two-fours KO

Sorry to report that we lost this morning to a powerful Amesbury BC team. We lost on both rinks.
There were some good elements to our performance, but they proved too consistent for us.

6 May 2015

Tonight's Wiltshire League match

Sorry to say that this evening we lost to Amesbury BC in our first Wiltshire League game of the season. We won one rink, but lost three.
The overall deficit was 73 shots to 91.
Amesbury were the 2014 winners of our division of the league.

30 April 2015

Salisbury & District Triples League

Another good result tonight at Downton. We won 71 shots to 31.
Another (maximum) 12 league points.

So far so good!

27 April 2015

Tonight's league match

This evening we had a pretty convincing win against Downton BC in the Salisbury & District Men's Triples League. We won on shots by 68-21.

League points 12-nil.

It was a good start. We play Downton again in the return match on Thursday at Downton.


Mens Section match reports 2015 provided by: John Hurle,  Men's Captain, Salisbury BC




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